Tres Juan Grande

Slight twist on Coyote Grande and Tres Hombres. Some dirt jumps, the climb off Curry, and the fun tunnel descent back to the footbridge. We’ll call it Tres Juan Grande. That just sounds fun! 30~ish made an appearance to ride, Bridges and WhoreChata helped with the baron duties. I’ll have my wheels suited up next week, I promise.

Putnam came through the baron stop in the lead. Sorry buddy, but I instinctually asked “Where’s Gerrit???” Flats take down the best of us I guess. Cold drinks were had after lap one and y’all took off for another. Jared had been off the bike for a while and took a digger in the shin. Wentzel came through in the front on lap two and looked comfortable.

In the end Andy held on and took the win, followed by Hackett, Putnam, Lund, and Sawyer. Everyone seemed to enjoy the course and nobody got lost. That’s a win I think, so we’ll keep it around. Those of us who stuck around CASA for a while got stuck in the big ol’ storm that roamed through town. Sadly we had to hang out and suffer through a couple more drinks before the rain let up….

Next week: TBD
Baron: Bueller? Bueller?