Out n’ Back Retirement Party

Sorry everyone, it’s been a busy last week. Most of it was spent up in Wisconsin at this year’s SingleSpeed USA gong show/party/race. I’m still recovering.

Last week we did an old skool Out n’ Back run. Wilson’s dad was kind enough to sign on as our Baron with his newly found freedom of retirement. Congrats!

Top 5 looked like this:
1) Maddux
2) Hackett
3) Inman
4) Wentzel
5) Sawyer
**Putnam and Conelly suffered flats.

This week ~ A twist on Tres Hombres. I even made you a map! Details at the start.
Baron: Probably, I still haven’t taped up the wheels Shadetree built for me.
*** Yes I know it’s storming. If the trails get too much rain we’ll just party.
Jumps Hombres Bridge
And here is a link to Google…