Tempe Long

This one is always longer than you remember. Maybe it’s the left turn after the tunnel. Forcing you to go all the way around and through the dirt jumps. But it’s fun, a loop course that still stretches everyone out. A good crowd of 30+ was waiting for me when I rolled up late. Baron supplies took longer to acquire than normal. Still some new faces in the crowd, and some old guard returning.

Two laps was the call and it was on. From my perch at the footbridge it was hard to see any action on the course. But I can say that the humidity (desert humidity that is) seemed to take its toll. Former local and fast kid Taylor Lideen is back in town and not surprisingly rolled through in the first group with Tim and Justin in tow. Shortly after came Grasshopper, Rich, Conelly, Putnam, and Lasse (it’s Danish, not Norse) et. al. When the first person to turn down a beverage asked how many push-ups they had to do, someone suggested “an honest amount”. Leilah was not pleased with this ambiguity. “I did 10! Is that enough?!?! I don’t have a penis!”

The top five didn’t change much and Taylor finished lap two minutes ahead at conversational pace. Followed by Maddux, Dunagan, Inman, and Lund. Sunset started to fade with a few people still on the course. It’s a longer loop and there were plenty of clouds, but it may be time to start reeling the start time back a little bit.

Next week: Out n’ Back
Baron: Indeed