The White Russian

This one was Gerrit’s idea. In advance of his big race in Telluride this weekend he wanted to try something new. Named the White Russian. Not entirely sure why. Essentially it was a counterclockwise loop of everything on the south side of Curry Rd. Part Lopiano and part 12 Hour course backwards. He even made us a map! My wheels are currently being rebuilt by the loving hands of Shadetree Bikes, so I took the roll of baron. Sawyer graciously provided close to 50 beverages and we had a party on our hands.

Following a parade lap to let everyone get their bearings, three laps was the call. Following lap one there was a clear battle between Maddux and Dunagan. Just behind them it was Wentzel, Sawyer, Putnam, and Connelly. Not everyone was super enthusiastic about the course though. Trowbridge and Krazy Karl opted to call it after lap one and enjoy the refreshments. From the sounds of it there was one rough right-hand turn into a climb that was giving people fits.

In the end Dunagan took the win over Maddux by a mere 18 seconds. They were followed shortly by Swayer, Wentzel, and Putnam to round out the top 5. I wish I’d had a chance to give the course a roll myself. Next time. We polished off the remains of Sawyer’s baron donations and rolled off to CASA as always. The return of Matt behind the bar has been a welcome sight.

Next week: Tempe Long
Baron: Probably