Lopiano Cakewalk

We pulled this one off last year and it seemed to be a hit so we gave it another whirl. I call it the Cakewalk because nobody really knows when it’s going to end. Idea goes like this; Baron picks a random time/duration, unknown to the riders. We race until that time elapses, and the next person across the line wins. Three lap minimum. So long as you complete your three laps speed doesn’t matter. Total luck of the draw.

Putnam and mini Putnam volunteered to man the beverages along with help from Callahan and Mrs. Lasse, aka Jessica. We sped up and out of the parking lot and the clock started when someone high-fived the baron. Everyone took off way faster than I expected them to. I figured the three lap minimum and lack of importance on speed would cool everyone down. Nay. Y’all raced like it was serious. Kudos. I personally opted for a beer each lap. Gerrit, Ben, and Sawyer were turning them at speed. Soon after a baron stop after everyone’s second lap the faces of hope started appearing. “Are we done?” “How much longer?” Most everyone was out to pedal the whole duration. I was impressed. Figured there’d be more guessing, waiting, and maybe some Old Pueblo style finish antics.

Turns out the magic number was 35:00. Sensing the end was near I took off for a third lap. Coincidentally Putnam was circling the “keep going” sign as I approached the finish, so I held up. But he called bullshit. So I continued through the finish just as time elapsed. However it was deemed disingenuous to win by one’s own rules, so the win was justly given to Ben finishing just before me, and I took a good faith fourth lap.

Ben (in only his third STP!) takes the random victory and amassed eight laps I believe. Sawyer had nine, Gerrit was rumored to have finished 10 but who’s counting. Y’all did great. Kudos again for the balls-to-the-wall attitude. And also to the newbies who continue to show and throw down!

Next week: Gerrit’s White Russian
Baron: Probably