Golf Course

It had been a long time since we’d made the trip up to the golf course loop. I hated it last time, but it might have been the push ups Melley made us do. Or maybe it was the flat course on my singlespeed. Either way someone yelled “golf course!” the week before when I asked what we should ride. And this is isn’t a dictatorship, so off we went.

After a leisurely spin through the park we found a small group waiting for us at the ramada. A good crowd of 25 or so on a rather humid evening. Truthfully I had kind of forgotten how long that loop is, 2.7 miles, so I declared three laps the distance. However in hindsight two would have been just fine. Sprinting off the start I found myself behind Gerrit and Putnam in the third spot. But after we dropped down off the butte the drivetrains took over and I began my spin fest. Once all the geared folk found their pace I didn’t see anyone for quite some time. Randazzo pedaled away from me on the back side of the first loop. Gerald flatted on the first lap and managed to finish all three. Nice effort.

Gerrit won again to nobody’s surprise. And thanks to my technical fuck-up with the timing app I managed to delete all the results. So if you had a stellar result you wanted in the paper, sorry, you’ll have to try again. Leilah did beat Ackley again I think…

Thanks for coming out y’all! It was a hot night and I think we drank more water than booze once we got to CASA. A first. There were a few newcomers at the start that I didn’t see at the finish. I’m told there was a crash and a mechanical? I hope we didn’t scare ya off, see you at the next one!

Next week: Lopiano Cakewalk
Baron: Oh hell yes