Tres Hombres x 4

We’ve had a solid few weeks of party racing the last month or so. Regulars stepping up to baron, a 24-minute challenge, and a bon voyage cocktail hour. So I figured we could keep it simple for a change. Loopy and brutal. Tres Hombres was the course and we were gifted with some dense clouds and a nice breeze to quell (somewhat) the summer heat. With that on our side we opted for four laps. A strong effort when hammered wire-to-wire.

Out of the gates we charged up the hill towards the saddle and I swear Gerrit coasted up the damn thing. I was able to sneak past Ackley in the first corner and settle in behind Sowers down towards the tunnel. And from my view that’s about where it stayed for two laps. Gerrit, Bryan, and Grasshopper were out front; and I had tabs on Putnam, Conelly, and Sowers. Early in lap three I was able to get a pass on Sowers and that was it, everyone pretty much stayed in place. The only real notable battle saw Leilah best Ackley for the first time all season. She was justly proud.

Despite the lack of a baron, Candy and Jolly decided to provide finish line treats. Kind of like juice and orange slices after a soccer game. But way more fun. Then we rolled to CASA per normal. Hopefully bartender Matt returns next week…

Next week: Golf Course
Baron: TBD
***Group ride to the north side at 6:30pm, loops from the ramada begin at 7pm***