Dirty’s Finale ~ The Margarita Mixer

So, Dirty is temporarily leaving us here to wallow in our dry heat. Will he return? Maybe, who’s to say? But what we do know is that Tuesday was his last STP of the season. Possibly longer. So we let him choose the course for the night. And he opted for a scavenger hunt/poker run style cocktail party. Three stops. Three items. And you combined them all at the finish for a margarita. Party on

Good crowd for this one, probably 40 plus. Even the Coaster Culture crew made the trip from Tucson! We pushed the start back to 7pm to try and avoid the blistering heat. Which provided us with a nice sunset send-off. I spent some time wrangling barons, I didn’t have time to check everyone in. There’s a website ya know? So the results are far from accurate. Dirty yelled GO and we took off. Usual suspects took off and stomped towards the tunnel. I hung back a bit to show some out-of-towners the ropes.

First stop – ASU Building for swizzle sticks. Thanks Michelle! Rolling from here I started to catch up to the pack. I was disappointed to see the lack of (zero) people taking the route up and through the dirt jumps. It wasn’t required, but I figured that since, ya know, we all like mountain biking that some would take the trail 😦

Second stop – Hole-in-the-Rock for limes. Thanks Matt!

Third stop – Amphitheater for cups. Thanks Jared! Here the baron took it upon himself to post up at the top of the steps. Well done. And touché.

Then it was back to to the finish where Janell was waiting with Limeade and well tequila. Around these parts it’s called a Summer Putnam. Better remember that. As I mentioned the results were spotty at best but Gerrit wins again I can say for sure. Everyone seemed to enjoy this take on the Out n’ Back, so you’ll probably see it again. We’re still seeing some new faces in the crowd which is awesome. Lots of stoke for the scene we’ve got rolling here.

Next week: Tres Hombres
Baron: Nah, let’s dry out for a night. But CASA afterwards. I mean, let’s be reasonable.