24 Minutes of Papago

Finally some real STP weather! It was 112.fuck° when we gathered on Tuesday. Coyote Grande done crit style. Always a good idea. As many laps as you can handle in 24 minutes. Two lap minimum. Here’s the catch; each beverage counts for a lap.

Lots of different strategies were employed. Rhino opted for the no stops and race fast option. Wilson took one lap then two drinks, before adding another spin. A couple thought best to crank out two laps then start chugging. The back of the pack seemed a bit burned out by the heat. Which was very understandable. Thank goodness Deana brought reinforcements because after the first lap a small triage unit was developing near the barons.

Gerrit, Wentzel, and Sowers fought each other all the way. The heat and foam was getting to them. Gerrit seeming a little wobbly in the final laps. In the end Gerrit took the lap win with, from what I remember, four laps and five cans emptied for a total of NINE damn laps! I think that’s a new 24 Minute record. But they were not done…

The top five in lap/can count had to sprint it out. Gerrit, Wentzel, Sowers, Putnam, and Sassenberg. I rode them down to the bottom of the canal where Gerrit attempted to pump his front tire up for a second time. Which apparently worked just fine because he took the sprint too. Wentzel and Putnam gave close chase. Good work everyone! Thanks for braving the heat.

Next week will be our friend Dirty’s last STP before embarking on a long journey aboard a Great White Buffalo. We will send him off in style.

Next week: Dirty’s Choice Finale (TBD)
Baron: Clearly