Dirty in the Hole

Summer’s full breadth attack just seems to keep holding back. Mid-June and we’re still in the 90’s…..for now. The humidity didn’t seem to keep y’all away either. Another ~40 person field for a stab at the Out n’ Back. Some new faces in the crowd too. Welcome to the show.

Gerrit yelled go and we followed him and Hunter down to the canal, where the benefits of a singlespeed get washed away rather quickly. We moved quickly though the tunnel and past the dirt jumps on to the canal. Greeted by a huge pile of rocks I had to swing back around and double up the fence. Through Hole-in-the-Rock the first time i could see the first five up ahead approaching Galvin. I had a chance to catch Putnam but a long line of cars got in my way. Lasse and I had to wait our turns.

Through the Amphitheater and no baron to be found. Where could he be? Only one spot left to check. Back through Hole-in-the-Rock a second time and there was Dirty perched in the saddle with a case lukewarm “refreshment”. Back down to the canal I was able to chase Lasse down and somehow fend off Randazzo.

Gerrit took the win despite not being on the roster. Let’s get you checked in next time eh? Followed by Hunter > Sowers > Hackett > and Inman to round out the top 5. Tip of the cap to Leilah for making an appearance just days after completing an ultra-marathon up in Utah. We didn’t know we meant that much to you! Bravo on a strong run.

Next Week: 24 minutes of STP
Baron: umm?

p.s. ~ Terrin, if your coach needs a note explaining why you cracked zone 3 on a light day, I’d be happy to provide.