Lopiano Through the Back Door

Despite the mounting heat and a daunting loop, 35 huddled under the bridge last Tuesday. Lopiano Loops *in reverse* was the call. Jolly Rogers whispered it to me, and I added the *in reverse*. Partly because Dirty still had my bike from the Grand Junction race and I could watch the fun from the bench. Three laps, baron after two.

I don’t think there was much trouble finding the route this time. The trail is pretty easy to spot with a long line of riders in view. Gerrit had the lead though lap one but slipped to second at the baron. 20 push-ups was the option in lieu of cold beverages. The look on Terrin’s face was priceless. Expect more physical challenges, it keeps everyone honest. More riders than I expected took this option, and most had pretty good form. Although I did need to heckle Warnholtz a bit, he’s a PT damn it. Conelly took a funny route back to grab a drink, and then proclaimed himself the winner.

Rasmussen took the win, and Gerrit was in 2nd despite not being on the roster. Followed by regulars Hackett, Putnam, Sawyer, Inman, and Wentzel. Then it was off to CASA as always. Surprisingly empty. Have the kids all gone? Do we get our town back?

Next week: Out n’ Back
Baron: Bueller?