Well we’ve been saying it for a while, but that may be the last of our Indian Spring. Warmer temps and a slightly smaller field gathered for a modified Tres Hombres. Three laps plus a tunnel –> bridge finish. Jared stepped up to baron with the hopes of starting a trend. Wink, wink. If you want to host one week or have an idea, step right up. Dirty harvested some finish line supplements from under the bridge.

Out of the gate the usual suspects (Hunter, Gerrit, Rich) and a feisty Putnam took the lead. My neck was giving me fits but I managed to hang just back. The condition of my rear tire became evident climbing up Curry. Bastard spun out on the jog left every time. After the first lap the field began to sort itself out. The front five broke off and I closed in on Putnam. The baron stop proved pivotal as Mitchell passed me and I snuck out ahead of Putnam. From there is stayed pretty even, although I think Lasse snagged me on the last climb to the saddle and he rode off to the finish.

We didn’t have any race clock but I’m going to credit Hunter and/or Gerrit with the win as I think they both stopped to baron. On that note. Grumblings about people not partaking in beverages. If you don’t drink, that’s cool. I promise we’ll run a straight edge STP soon. Just relax though. Blazing through the baron stop is like charging through a metered highway on-ramp. It doesn’t do any damage, but everyone just sighs a little bit.

Next week: TBD
Baron: Most likely


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