Well, I think it may have been one of the biggest turnouts we have seen in a while.  The golf course loop proved to be a good time and we had several heavy hitters roll in  – Dax and Mindy (she beat him for the record) in addition to Alan Brown and a few others.  Lots of new, friendly faces.

 One neutral lap followed by 2 fast with 10 push ups (most legitimate) in between.  I stayed back to yammer at people like a drill sergeant, which was a damn fine time in and of itself.  Some of you sincerely need to go back to gym class and learn how to do a push up, Gerald, you are at the top of that list (think A frame house).  Rudy actually clapped in between and quite a few did them on their knuckles.  Jared, Nebraska Scott and Hoover did not disappoint in the slightest.  I forced Jared and at least 1 other guy out for a second lap, they obliged and I think (THINK) they felt a bigger sense of accomplishment when done….although I was not able to provide them with a cold beverage – perhaps next time.

 When all was said and done, Alan took it, Putnam charged the finish (he is skinnier now by the way), and Dax got beat by Mindy.  Pics were taken, and I watched the trail fill up with red blinky lights as I headed back to home to heal up from Shingles.  Yes, Shingles.  Avoid that.

Thanks to all those that showed up on Wednesday pm, heard it was a great turnout and Sara and Matt will continue their fight to beat cancer – the support was/is greatly appreciated.

 Next week – Tempe Long


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