Thirty six ish rolled up to the start of the Cinco festivities.  It was an Asian invasion with Mastaka Yoshida from Japan riding and then later performing live at CASA.  Rich Weis rolled in and took the overall win on the day with 5 laps of Coyote Grande (double baron pit stop).  Out of the gate Geordie pinned it, and held off most for the first lap.  Once Rich got his bearings, he took over the lead and didn’t look back.  His son cheered him on and will likely dominate us in the coming years.  Hunter looks to have given Rich a slight chase, but it was not in the cards.  Mitch Porter assisted with warm beverages that had twice crossed the border – and while the supplies were appreciated, the warmth of the beverage was not.  I nearly puked after the first baron stop.  Chill your beverages.

After 2 laps I chased Putnam and Sowers out of the baron area.  Putnam again put in a solid effort, and once he quits smoking, will likely get even faster (just quit man).  I eventually got in front of him, but he was not far behind.  Kaolin won an entry to SSWC in Japan from Masataka-san.  Best of luck (to Japan) for trying to contain Kaolin!

We finished up and headed out to CASA where we further taught Masataka a few choice words of the American language.

&*^% me
&*^% eh
Do you want to &*^% with me?
Hold your thumbs together behind your back
I’m so drunk
Water &*^%ing is nice
But anyway let’s &*^%

NOTE – if you bring the guy from Japan, you must watch the guy from Japan!
Next week – Out n Back


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